'Time Passes' a day by the sea with Tim Andrews

I met Tim as the result of a twitter encounter, Tim has Parkinson Disease and over the past 7 years he has embarked on an extraordinary project, during which time he has been photographed by around 400 photographers. I already knew about Tim’s project, as a few friends had worked with him already, you can find out more about the project, the photographs and the photographers on Tim’s blog ‘Over the Hill’

In early July I headed to Brighton to meet Tim, and after some tea and chatting, we travelled by road to West Wittering, a significant place to each of us. Tim has written a very evocative piece about the day, which you can read here 'Time Passes'






This is another from earlier in the day

"Fantastic warmth and love shines through images of disabled children and their families in 'Pictures from Home' exhibition” Daniel Lombard

The response to 'Pictures from Home' has been wonderful, and there have been so many warm comments, I have posted some here, along with some photos of the exhibition installation and the families visiting on a very busy opening night.

“Congratulations on highlighting children’s disabilities through an artistic medium, thought provoking and informative, the general art world needs to examine these issues/ people and beauty further.”  Josh

“These photo’s give us all a chance to look at the world in a different way. Thank you!”

“Great to see the positives from the challenges, thanks for raising my awareness of your organisation.”

 “Beautifully curated and incredibly moving. Extremely grateful to have been given the opportunity to take a glimpse into their lives.”

“Wonderful photos! It really brings home how difficult everyday life can be for some families. Lovely exhibition giving great insight into family's lives. Grateful for the opportunity to view the photos and read the stories.”

“How wonderful to see these photos showing the intimate moments of family life. It feels so important to share images of children who face the challenges of disability. I am struck by the care captured in these private photographs—it reflects the strength and togetherness of families who face the difficulties and the joys of caring.”

“Lovely exhibition beautifully arranged, reminds us how important caring for disabled children is. Also how caring can be a joy.”

“Thank you it has been a lovely exhibition it’s so great to be a record  and be recognised as a group of people with children with special needs”

 “Everyone who visited the exhibition felt extremely moved and were struck by your powerful photographs”.  Bella Franks

 “Many congratulations on the exhibition – your work is wonderful and very moving” Abigail Davies

"Powerful and eloquent photographs" Gina Lundy